The Definitive Guide to Fashion Procrastination

Need a break from all that revision? Haven’t had the chance to sort out that summer wardrobe yet? The Tab is here to help with all your bargain hunting needs!

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By now, I should imagine most of you, like me, are falling slightly short in the motivation department. The weather’s just warmed up, the sun’s out (well not right this moment but it has been) and exams are nearly over. Perhaps you just have just a few more exams to go before you can celebrate the summer but feel like you desperately need a break? Well here is my advice for the most ‘productive’ (read ‘easy bargain hunting’) fashion based procrastination to get you through the last few weeks of term. (After all, a new summer wardrobe is a necessity, isn’t it? It’s more productive than watching cat videos on youtube anyway…)

First stop:

The place to go for the ultimate designer bargains, from the rare and sought after, to unwanted last season pieces. If you practice your bidding tactics designer shoes can be yours for under £50, and that sold out Topshop dress? That’s here too.

A word of warning: I will be the first to admit that I am an ebay addict and can waste hours scrolling through pages of rubbish. My tip, be precise in your searching, know what you want, don’t just browse!

Next up: TK Maxx

Okay, so perhaps not ‘easy bargain hunting’, I know several people who recoil at the idea of having to sift through rails of disorganised confusion to find that one gem, but it can be great fun if you like a rummage! If you fancy a whole afternoon off from your revision (go on, you’ve earned it!) then Norwich has a fantastic two TK Maxx stores, one in the basement of Castle Mall and one on the outskirts – about a ten minute walk from the market square.

And if you really don’t fancy the physical effort, you’re in luck, because there is a website: Obviously the website doesn’t hold as much as the stores, but it does have some wonderful stuff, including designer sunglasses from £16.99!

Finally: Charity Shops!

Sometimes, the old ones really are the best. Charity shopping has long been hailed as the most satisfying and rewarding method of bagging a bargain, just take a look at The Tab’s ‘Charity Shop Challenge’, for some examples of the wonderful things you can pick up in Norwich for next to nothing. If you are willing to have a good search, you could find some absolute bargains.

And, again, if the leg work sounds too much effort in this time of mental exertion, do not worry! Many charity shops now have well organised websites, see:

If all this talk of shopping has you feeling like you should get back to your revision, just remember this list and come back to it when you need a reward! Good luck finding those bargains… oh and the exams of course.