These 17 TikToks show what it’s really like to be isolating in MMU halls right now

Parties, post-it notes and a lot of boredom

I think it’s safe to say that the 1,700 MMU freshers being forced to isolate in halls right now take the prize for worst Freshers’ experience in history. 127 students from both Birley campus and Cambridge Halls tested positive for COVID, and so everyone in these blocks has had to wave goodbye to pubs and say hello to being trapped in halls.

Forced to fend for themselves with limited supermarket delivery slots, moving in with strangers and in some cases being completely isolated, the situation remains pretty dire. Students have taken to plastering post-it-notes on the windows and creating TikToks to share their experiences.

These 17 TikToks capture the highs and lows of isolating in MMU halls right now:

1. The Freshers’ experience of a lifetime 

Really feel like these guys deserve a refund.

Via @hannahc_2404

2. F*ck the Government and F*ck Boris

Nice to see that once again students are getting the support they need during the pandemic – I’m glad that £9k is being put to good use!

Via @phoebemortlock

3. 14 days of doing nothing

Eat, sleep, Netflix repeat. Then stare at the wall and clean everything AGAIN.

Via @erinmillea

4. Pleading via Post it notes

Okay can someone please “send drink”. And seriously, where are their eggs??

Via @studentproblems

5. Another day in the life

Not even food could make this bearable when you can’t smell or taste anything but boredom.

Via @elliebenn

6.Freshers fending for themselves

Using a towel as a duvet has got to be an all time low. Public appeal to get this room key replaced.

Via @hannahlcc

7.Love in Lockdown?

Like something straight out of a Taylor Swift music video *swoon*

Via @katrina.lx

8. A seriously impressive game of noughts and crosses


I cannot BELIEVE how much effort went into this!!

Via @katrina.lx

9. The pandemic will bring us together… or strengthen the rivalry between UoM and Man Met

No surprises here, at least there’s some consistency in these uncertain times.

Via @sam_hedshaw

10. The ones that got away

Those who managed to escape and return to their homes must be over the moon. Guess it’s alright for some.

Via @rafnunezz

11. ‘HMP’

When your call for help makes it on the news!

Via @jakerossiter8

12. Finding flat friends despite the odds

They can take your freedom, but they can’t take your ability to socialise from the inside.

Via @aoifeboyd

13. When life gives you lockdown, make your room look awesome

After all there’s not much else you can do to fill the time.

Via @powello

14. One is the loneliest number

Send her some friends pls.

Via @immortalbarbiex

15. It’s my party and I’ll party if I want to

Pandemic who?

Via @miaproberts90

16. The show must go on in any way possible

Keep up the morale even if things are bad.

Via @jadeindia_

17. Snapped by the paps

Let’s be honest, seeing yourself on the news has got to be the only thing more positive than the Covid tests over there.

Via @oliviaroseb2

Although students at Man Met are making the most of a bad situation by trying to stay busy and creating these TikToks, their videos demonstrate the mental and physical toll the lockdown is having on the students.

Sending some virtual moral support to everyone stuck in the lockdown right now!

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