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UoM students are campaigning to reunite UK refugees with their families

As it stands, only spouses and children under 18 are allowed to join their families

Multiple charities are campaigning to get 100 MPs to vote in favour of a new bill which would change the policy surrounding reuniting refugee families in the UK, rather than the current laws allowing only spouses and children under 18 to join refugees in the UK. One of which is STAR (Student Action for Refugees), a national student lead organisation, which involves volunteering with refugees, campaigning and fundraising.

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This week is "Action week", and STAR is campaigning and raising awareness of the upcoming debate in parliament surrounding the reuniting of refugee families in the UK on the Friday 6th March. Get involved in signing a drafted letter urging local MPs to attend the debate, taking place in the University of Manchester SU on Thursday 22nd February.

Berfin, president of STAR told us "It's a really worthwhile cause and we hope lots of people get involved and support us."

If you are unable to attend this event or would like to get more involved in the society, join the Manchester STAR facebook page, where you can also sign a copy of the letter. Otherwise, email your local MPs to urge them to attend the upcoming debate.