A hummus festival is coming to the University of Manchester

The UoM Lebanese Society have made our dreams come true

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A festival dedicated solely to hummus is happening in Manchester on 1st March 2018.

Hosted by the UoM Lebanese Society, the event will take place in the UoM Students' Union from 10am to 4pm and promises authentic and delicious Lebanese hummus.

Open to both students and the public, the festival will feature lots of exciting activities such as a blindfolded hummus tasting competition. For £1, you'll also be able to grab yourself your very own pot of authentic Lebanese hummus. Hummus wraps (vegan and gluten free) will also be available for those who are super-peckish.

Laura Najem, founder of the UoM Lebanese Society said that the society decided to hold a hummus festival after noticing a growing demand for hummus among students: "However, the hummus that students buy at local stores does not have the same taste as the authentic one that is made back home in Lebanon.

"We want other students to really get to experience home made hummus and also get a taste of other variants of the authentic hummus recipe.

"The event wouldn't be possible without the hardworking committee, including Rim Mawlawi, Camille Lorfing, Lama Chmayaa, Arnaud Heerman, Omar Zin Abidine, Christopher Feghali, and Jean-Lou Moucachen."

You can find out more details about the event here.