Passengers in Manchester pay for taxi with biscuit wrappers

Oh, crumbs

Two men are reported to have conned their way out of paying a taxi fare by paying with biscuit wrappers.

Police told the M.E.N that instead of handing over their cash when they reached their destination in Manchester city centre, they instead handed over biscuit wrappers.  They were so successful that the taxi driver didn’t notice until after they had left.

Inspector Phil Spurgeon, of GMP City Centre told the M.E.N that the incident occurred on Sunday morning at around 2.20am.

The two suspects were described as being black, but no reference to their ages or the amount of their fare, as the victim is still waiting to be interviewed.

This rather comical crime has led to numerous puns on twitter such as the this one by ‘K4RLMORG4N’.