There is a man asking students if he can suck their used tampons

He’s been hassling girls on their way to uni this morning


A middle-aged man hassled four girls on their way to uni this morning – asking to suck on their bloody tampons. 

The strange bearded bloke has been spotted cycling around Plattfields and Upper Brook Street.

In four separate incidents, the man shouted  “Excuse me, do you have a dirty tampon that I can suck?” as he rode on the pavement.

upper brook street where the incident happened this morning

The first ordeal took place at 8.50am on Upper Brook Street when second year Hannah was cycling to a 9am lecture in Roscoe.

As she slowed down at a junction, a man cycling along the pavement  approached her with the strange request, shouting: “Excuse me, do you have a dirty tampon that I can suck?”

A disgusted Hannah told The Tab: “I was shocked and confused. What a weirdo!

“My first reaction was to shout ‘no’! Then I laughed nervously and cycled away as quick as I could.”

She described the man as being a middle-aged, bearded man with greyish-brown hair.

The tampon-fiend struck again at 10.00am, when third year Fiona was walking past Plattfields. She told us: “This middle aged guy with a full beard and long hair came up to me, thought he was going to ask for directions or something then just says ‘wanna suck on your tampon’.

“I literally didnt know what to say, it was so grim!”

Baffled, she quickly started walking in the other direction and witnessed the man approach another frightened girl a few meters away, shouting the exact same thing.

At 10.20am Art History student, Hattie, was also bothered by the man outside Platt Fields, she told us: “He stopped me on my to uni, yelling ‘you know when you bleed on your period, I want to suck it – and your tampon.’ It was SO. GROSS’

“It was quite scary, he was clearly insane! I just said ‘thank you’ and swiftly crossed the road.”

Hannah was on her way to a lecture in Roscoe this morning

After frantically telling her course mates, another girl admitted that she’d had an equally strange experience this morning

Third year, Isobel, was also walking along Upper Brook Street at 9.55 when a middle-aged guy stopped her with another random request.

She told us: “I was just walking along the road with a cup of tea, and this guy stopped me and said “Hey, you’ve got tea! Can I have a sip?”

“Of course, I said no. What’s with all the strange men around this morning?”

She described the man as: “Tall, middle aged with a kind of bulbous face.”