Everybody wants to go to Manchester Uni

We’ve attracted more applicants than any other uni in the UK, and employers love us

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Manchester is where everyone wants to be – and we’re one of the favourite places for top recruiters.

The University came out pretty well in this year’s Sunday Times University Rankings, soaring to the 30th best University in the world and rising seven spaces to 26th in the UK ranking. The Sunday Times claim Manchester is: “One of the small number of universities whose world ranking beats or comes close to matching their domestic one.”

According to the same study, we’ve attracted more applicants than any other university in the UK in 2013, with a whopping 750 more than last year. The Sunday Times said that competition for places at the uni are encouraged by “the city’s famed youth culture and [Manchester’s] position at the heart of a huge student precinct”.

We’ve finally seen an improvement from painfully average and disappointing student satisfaction ratings of the past, rising this year to 81.9% overall with subjects like Chemistry and Electrical and Electronic Engineering coming up in the 90’s. Our rating for graduate prospects rose significantly this year, making us one of the favourite recruitment grounds for top employers. On top of this, Manchester’s career service has been rated the best at any university. Better actually get in there.

After the university has embarked on a £10bn, 10 year plan to create a world class campus, it’s good to see we’re making some progress. By 2022, the university aims to have improved major public spaces and will be a single campus with new student facilities and buildings for research. Some of these developments are already in process, such as the refurbishment of the Whitworth Art Gallery and opening of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre and the National Graphene Institute.

The study suggests that research is Manchester’s real strength, coming at 11th place in the UK. The university aims to climb five rankings to be in the top 25 in the world by 2020,with outstanding teaching as one of it’s main strategies to help it do so. Charlie Cook, the Students Union Officer says that the: “huge, overwhelming and manic [university]” means there is always something to do “in a place where you can realise your passions”.