Have you ever actually been to the Manchester Museum?

You really should. It’s massive, slap bang in the middle of campus and packed full of mummies/dinosaurs/shiny things.

coral Manchester museum Museum

We walk past that giant crab in the window every day, but the majority of us don’t even have a clue what’s inside. The Tab ventures in to see for ourselves what our universities mysterious Museum is all about.

Coral Exhibition

As you walk into the gallery, you are greeted by a temporary show ‘Coral: Something Rich and Strange’. The exhibition is the outcome of Manchester’s Dr Marion Endt-Jones three year research project in the subject. The aquatic space delves into the fascinations with coral with coral in all of its forms whilst reminding us of the importance of today’s marine environments.

Our best bit? The crocheted coral reef which was collectively made by members of the public. The curator tells us it is ‘great for kids’ (and obviously us) encouraging visitors to get up close and personal with marine life.

Be at one with the ocean

Crocheted coral reef made by the public

Stuffed Animals

For all you animal lovers out there, this museums got it covered. From grizzly polar bears and tigers to dainty little birds and butterflies, the museum boasts a huge array of stuffed creatures from all over the world.


Staring competition

That’s a funny looking hampster

The majestic stag


For the food lovers

Because of the museum’s huge size a coffee break was a must. With a selection of breakfasts, wraps, salads and burgers at reasonable prices, visitors will never go hungry, The Tab recommends the home-made char grilled burger with hand cut chips.

Stop for a cuppa

The Vivarium

There is even a Vivarium, (a room full of cute little baby frogs and iguanas) which as well as being bizarrely mesmerising, plays a leading role in the conservation of some of the world’s most endangered amphibians.

Baby frog chillin’

Cheeky smile


Manchester Museum is home to the mind-blowing dinosaur skeleton cast (named Stan) who is one of only two full T.rex skeletons in the UK.  The fossil gallery takes you through a tour of life on earth over the last 3,500 million years where you can see many pre-historic objects as well as Stan and his friend, Percy the Plesiosaur.

Selfie with Stan

(Not actually a dinosaur)

And so much more..

As we have said, the museums pretty big and there is so much stuff that we haven’t covered, but its free and right across the road from uni place, so why not have a look for yourself?

 The Manchester Museum is open daily 10am-5pm and the CORAL exhibition is open until 16th March 2014.