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Nominations are now open for Leeds’ Maddest Fresher 2018!

Let the madness begin

We have finally hit November and as the crushing hangovers from Halloween finally lift, you now have no excuse to ignore that essay – which is due in precisely 32 hours. No, university is not just a test of how many VKs you can down before inevitably emailing that sexy professor you’ve had your eye on.

However, here is another reason to procrastinate – it’s time to turn your attention to nominating LEEDS’ MADDEST FRESHER 2018!

It’s no secret that Leeds is known as the party uni, so it’s inevitable that we are home to more than a few daredevils and fun-seekers to which the words "too far" hold no meaning.

Maybe you saw them scale the Parkinson building after a particularly heavy night at Fruity. Or perhaps, they have already slept with 80% of Charles Morris (and only remember 30%) by the end of Freshers. Does the mere chance of their appearance at pres make people shake with anticipation of what their next antic will be?

Whatever mayhem they’ve caused at Leeds, now is the chance to let their legacy be known.