Protests against Trump are planned in Leeds TODAY

Home made signs covered in glitter are welcome.

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The President has arrived to a red carpet from May but not so much from the rest of the UK's population, with protests, baby Trump blips, and the meme game set to go into more of a frenzy than after a particularly good episode of Love Island.

The Leeds protest is set to begin at 5pm at Dortmund Square, and is just one of the many similar protests which are happening around the UK, including those in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. Over 70,000 people nationally are expected to take to the streets, with a number of protesters in Leeds making up this figure.

Leeds might not have a baby Trump Blip to fly over Canal Mills, but numbers of interest for the protest have reached nearly 2,000. In the description of the event, the Leeds protest is to stand up to Trump's xenophobia, racism, sexism, bigotry and also to protest Theresa Mays complicity towards the controversial President.

Come on Leeds, let's get an ever bigger crowd than there was at his inauguration…