Meet this week’s BPOC

Nahla the kitten loves catnip and hates Beckett

Big Pets On Campus come in all shapes and sizes, and this week it’s a very small package indeed.

Prepare for a cuteness overload as you meet this week’s entrant… Nahla the kitten from Hyde Park.

Name: Nahla

Age: 11 weeks

Sex: Female

Breed: Half tabby/half Bengal

Likes: Cheerios, catnip, pissing on beds

Dislikes: Hairdryers, Matt Storey, Leeds Beckett

Celebrity Crush: David Attenborough

Relationship Status: She’s a baby, you perverts

Nahla lives with Ravi Solanki, Dave Ramsbottom, Bav Mahli Singh, Matt Janaszczyk, Ben Cooper Drake and Matt Storey on Brudenell Mount.

Does your animal have what it takes to become The Tab’s Student Pet of the Week?

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