Student Pet of the Week

Every week we’ll be picking a BPOC (that’s Big Pet On Campus). Meet Casper the Dutch Warmblood from Hyde Park.


Name: Casper

Age: 6 (he’s emotionally mature for his age. Casper gets all the older mares)

Colour: Dark Bay during the cold winter and a dark dun in the summer (for all you illiterate that’s dark brown and blonde in the summer).  The women love his summer coat

Breed: Dutch Warm blood

Gender: Gelding (missing a pair of balls, allowing Casper to follow his dram as the leading falsetto in his all gelding choir. No mares allowed)

Likes: Eating. Casper is a slow eater as he gets indigestion and wind, chucking his food around teasing the gypsy ponies, biting holes in the winter jacket (it’s the edgy the hole look).

He also loves ket lock ins, the noise of his metal tipped shoes, jumping, prancing and twerking.

Dislike: Mud, the cleaning of his sheath (very sensitive down there), mane being pulled (already has a receding hair line), donkeys and mules.

Relationship status: Not interested (Casper likes to focus on his singing).

Celebrity Crush: Paul Potts

Music: The river dance (such good leg work)

Ambition: To perform as the lead role in the play War Horse in London, to campaign against carnivores – promoting the horse meat scandal further.

He also feels it is his duty to patrol the house parties to encourage man kind to leave the ketamine alone –  it’s really not for the weak bodied, to play the tambourine.

Casper is just a trot away from Hyde Park and his owner Ellie Robinson – living in Adel Wood near Boddington. Casper enjoys patrolling his local estates and occasionally gets the bus home.

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