9 Things you’ll only understand once you leave Charles Morris

You might have moaned whilst there, but inhabiting the crème de la crème of Leeds halls had its benefits.

1. You paid way too much for halls

Deep down you know you’re paying too much, and by ‘you’, I mean the government via your Student Loan. Next year you’ll be paying half as much for a dirty 6 bed flat in the centre of Hyde Park – difficult to know which is better.

 2. Storm Jameson was the real Charles Morris

If you lived in Dobree or Whetton you didn’t really live in Charles Morris. Those parts were more like Charles Morris’ annoying neighbour.

 3. Washing clothes actually costs money

You should have used the washing machine more considering it was both in your kitchen, and free.

When you realise next year that washing clothes isn’t cheap, I assure you that you will be wearing that shirt more than twice before it is deemed ‘dirty’.

 4. The Refectory wasn’t as bad as you thought

You complained because the food was the same every week. Wait until next year when the food is the same everyday, and you have to cook for yourself in a semi-conscious, ‘still drunk from the night before’ state.

Yes, the timings were odd, but I’d take that over cooking any day.

 5. There is a life outside of campus

Your lectures were within a five-minute walk, you could see the refectory from your bedroom window, and all your friends lived down the hall, but that was no excuse not too leave campus.

Town is quite cool too – maybe you should take a look sometime.

 6. You should have used the gym more

Next year, should you decide to become a member of The Edge, you could end up paying almost £300 a year to walk over 20 minutes to the gym.

Maybe you should have used your free halls membership more often?

 7. The en-suite deserved greater appreciation

Accidents happen. They’re more likely to happen when you’re living in a house of 8 with only two toilets. I don’t think I need to say any more.

 8. Essentials is overpriced

It’s called ‘Essentials’ because you’re supposed to buy the items you urgently need. Nevertheless, you used it as a student supermarket, paying whatever ludicrous price the union wanted.

In any case, real supermarkets were just too far away.

 9. Ultimately, you were part of the chosen few

You secretly enjoy that reaction people have when you tell them you live in Charles Morris; a mixture of jealousy and hatred. After all, anyone who had the money applied to Charles Morris, and this cements its status as the best halls in Leeds.