Tequila Slammed in Police Report

Underpouring, out of date drinks and stripteasing uncovered in new investigation

Mezz could lose their license over the Tequila scandal after a police report has uncovered some dodgy details about the club night.


Under fire … Tequila freepouring

The investigation includes the following:

  • Female students performing stripteases to crowds
  • Turning up the heating to get us drinking more
  • Overcrowding – 1000 people in a 400 capacity club
  • Out of date drinks
  • Sexually explicit promo material – including the rape joke video
  • ‘Freepouring’ spirits straight into punter’s mouths
  • Staff being told to underpour, leaving out some of the booze

The original ‘Freshers Violation’ post

Police licensing officers claim the venue’s management has shown a “complete abdication of responsibility”, and has been “prioritising profits over safety”, ignoring advice to cancel the event.

A former Mezz employee is quoted in the report saying it was “a horrible place to work”, with minimum wage salaries, over-crowding and “out of control and very, very drunk” customers.

He also claims to have seen a young woman urinate in a corner when she was drunk.


One Tequila, Two Tequila … Protesters at the first protest back in October

The licensing review will take place next Monday at Leeds Civic Hall, where FemSoc have planned a second protest.

Femsoc’s Freya Potter said: “We hope this hearing will make other clubs in the city take their responsibility to protect their patrons from sexual harassment and assault seriously.”

“We also hope they will reconsider their use of sexual objectification in their marketing.”

The club night was already kicked out of Newcastle in 2011, and this report could result in Tequila being banned from Leeds.