Tequila Turns 20!

Leeds’s favourite club night turns 20 so we’ve unearthed its dirty past and found some pictures from the archives

TequilaStarted by Leeds University student Sam Welply in 1993, its original form saw it as the ‘Tequila appreciation society’ at the uni.

040Naturally, Tequila soc parties became synonymous with hedonism and debauchery, and were swiftly banned by the Union.

Tequila founder Sam Welply

Tequila founder Sam Welply

Sam then decided to continue the nights as a company in its own right and the rest, as they say, is history.

At one point, Tequila accounted for over 5% of UK Jose Cuervo Sales

At one point, Tequila accounted for over 5% of UK Jose Cuervo Sales

Known for its whipped cream, body shots and nudity, its tag line of ‘Come and Swallow’ has lived up to its name in more ways than one.

227800_18634647536_9557_nEvery week the Tequila staff get more than 20 requests from people asking for embarrassing photos to be taken down from social media sites or tweets saying that Tequila has ruined them, but the success has continued.

562333_412393558859562_209186494_nManaging Tequila has also proved a sure-fire way to get yourself noticed, with previous managers now starring in Made In Chelsea, modelling for Storm, and running Raffles members’ club in London.

tequila flash mob 2Several celebrities have been unable to resist Tequila’s allure, with Harry Styles, Princess Eugenie, Chelsea Davy and Jack Whitehall all having contributed to the club night’s notoriety.

Tequila has also been responsible for propelling many an unworthy face into the limelight

Sam, who is now the director of Well Pleased Events said “The success of TEQUILA means that we’re still offering what students want. As long as people enjoy the hedonism we provide we’ll keep fuelling it”

577634_10152798085670643_1169378727_nWhen challenged on the ethics of offering cut price drinks and encouraging promiscuity, Sam answered, “We had the first TEQUILA wedding last week for two TEQUILA staff getting hitched and we supported RAG’s Safer Sex Ball last year too so TEQUILA’s definitely contributing to society in a positive way as well.”

TequilllaaaOne worrying thought however: if Tequila is 20 this year, then next year they’ll be 21 and legally allowed to drink in the US.


Will this mean expansion into the States? Watch this space.