Meet the ten iconic Edinburgh students walking from Edinburgh to Glasgow for Movember

‘And I would walk 500 miles and I would roll 500 more’

Some do nothing for November, some proudly grow moustaches and others go the extra mile, quite literally.

Ten intrepid Edinburgh University students are bravely trekking where no man has trekked before (I mean yes people have walked from Edinburgh to Glasgow before but for the dramatic purposes of this article it’s never been done). But who could these men be, and what made them decide to walk all the way to Glasgow, well keep reading to find out, as well as discover their walking snack of choice.

Before we begin let me take you through the names and ‘walking roles’ assigned to them by their team leader who is…

Harry Stephenson – Team Leader

Via Instagram @harryastephenson

Matthew Wolfe – Physician

Via Instagram @matthew_wolfe01

George Skinner – Nutritionist

Via Instagram @georgeskinner68

Nick Baines – Head of Conversation

Via Instagram @nick.baines

Olly Cash – Nature Guide

Via Instagram @ollycash12

Barney May – Realist

Via Instagram @b_a_r_n_e_y_m

Patrick Reynolds – Translator

Via Instagram @patrickreynolds_

Tommy Dawes – Security Officer

Via Instagram @tommdawes

Louis Longfield – Chief Ordinance Survey Officer

Via Instagram @louis_longfield

Herbie Purce – His mum asked us to bring him

So now you’re fully caught up on the walkers and their… interesting roles, let’s have a chat with them!

1. What inspired you to do the walk?

“Our friend Harry (who is leading the walk) approached us with the task of doing something to raise awareness and potentially some money for this cause. As a group, we are all very determined to support men’s health and all have our own individual stories and reasons for wanting to make a difference.
“Wanting to push us outside our comfort zones, and due to most of us failing miserably at growing proper moustaches, he decided we should walk 45 miles… We are extremely passionate to help in any way we can and hope that by completing (fingers crossed) this challenge we’ll make a difference.”

2. What does Movember mean to you?

“Movember has its own meaning to all of us but collectively it’s a chance where we can do our bit to support those around us. From experience, it is hard for young men in a university environment to speak up about personal issues of mental health.

“We hope that by doing this we will encourage more people to speak up about what they are going through. Everybody struggles at some point for various reasons and we want to make it clear that is okay to not be okay.”

3. On a personal level what do you think you’ll get out of this walk?

Louis Longfield, Chief Ordinance Survey Operator, believes, “blisters”.

George Skinner, Nutritionist, thinks “chaffed nipples and a greater sense of who I am”.

Team Leader Harry thinks personally thinks doing a physical challenge, especially one as stupidly ambitious and tough as this, will “make me immensely proud to be making a difference in supporting such a great charity”.

Olly Cash, Nature Guide, says “I love walking, walking to uni, walking to the shops, I even walk just to walk sometimes. So walking for a cause like this is the perfect way to make a difference for me”.

4. What do you wish more people knew about men’s mental health?

“I think people should be aware of how common mental health struggles are and that nobody is alone. It is also something that you can work through and beat no matter how tough things seem. There are always people around you, friends and family, to talk to and to listen to. It’s not something you have to be alone with.

“The lads will also use this opportunity to share and support each other which will be a good use of time since we’ve got a fair few miles to cover.”

5. What’s going to be your snack of choice whilst on your walk?

George Skinner – Biltong.

Barney May – Pears.

Olly Cash – Singular orange.

Harry Stephenson – His girlfriend’s homemade Thai rolls.

Matt Wolfe – Steak bake and a flat white.

Tommy Dawes – Pork scratching’s.

Louis Longfield –  On a fast (hence the lanky legs).

Pat Reynolds – Dairy milk kind of bloke.

Nick Baines –  “I like apple crumble” (don’t think he understood the question).

Herbie Purce –  Fuelled by nature and positivity.

Harry and co will commence the walk on Thursday 18th November and if you’re interested in donating to them and supporting men’s mental health then click here!

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