Modern Family’s Nolan Gould spotted in Subway over the weekend

Nolan Gould for Clubber of the Week?

Nolan Gould, known for playing Luke Dunphy on Modern Family was spotted partying with friends in Subway over the weekend.

Nolan came into Subway with “a couple of friends” and was described as “lovely with our customers and staff”, and ensured he had the full Subway experience by bagging one of their Viva La 5am fringe hoodies, as well as sampling some Venoms.

Via Instagram @thehivenightclub

One TikTok showed Nolan partying with everyone in the clubs, with the caption “thinking about how I was partying with Luke Dunphy last night in Edinburgh”.

Those in the comment section expressed their remorse for not being in Edinburgh, commenting that they were “speeding to Edinburgh” and have “never been so jealous in my life”.


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Nolan seems to be in Edinburgh travelling with friends and shared an Instagram post of himself on top of Arthurs’s Seat, a mandatory Edinburgh activity.

He said in the caption that “if you have a highland cow I’d very much like to pet it.” One fan commented on the post “I can pretend to be a highland cow”, which pretty much sums up the general feelings about him being in Edinburgh.

Via Instagram @nolangould

We’re not sure whether Nolan is still around in Edinburgh, so if you’re a Modern Family fan there’s never been a better time to awkwardly linger around the most popular Edinburgh spots.

I’m just upset he didn’t decide to come in September because we all know he would have come to Big Cheese.

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