‘Humpty Dumpty had a great fall’: Just 19 iconic Edi student reactions to Boris resigning

‘I’m from Pollock and I’m joyous’

Just when the Love Island memes were all starting to become a bit repetitive, Boris kindly came through and resigned, giving us a whole host of iconic tweets.

But what did the students of Edinburgh think?

Despite you thinking that you already know what these reactions will say, I guarantee that either all Edi students actually have common sense and know Boris was a buffoon, or everyone who resides at Pollock wasn’t logged onto Instagram that day. Either way, whatever your political views are about Boris Johnson put them aside and enjoy these 19 iconic reactions to him resigning from Edi students.

1. “About damn time”

All I can think about is Lizzo.

2. “Christmas has come early”

Best present I’ve ever received.

3. “We’re gonna get the same Tory bulls**t without the personality, that at least made it interesting”

Boris was, something.

4. “Ukrainians we’ve taken in at home are worried it means the end of the UK support”

Let’s really hope it’s not.

5. “So so glad he’s gone but scared for his replacement”

Aren’t we all.

6. “It’s a good thing, but his whole party is corrupt, not just him”

Watch out for Boris 2.0.

7. “Good riddance”


8. “No good options for who comes next, independence for Scotland can’t come soon enough”

Best of the worst.

9. “Best birthday present ever”

Happy birthday!

10. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”

You just know the egg would be rotten.

11. “The same sensation as getting rid of mice in a tenement flat (very relieved but surprised)”

I have never seen such an exemplary comparison in all my life.

12. “Sadly it gives the Tories a way to gain back favour”

We’ve got to keep our eye on the ball.

13. “Have never been happier thanks to a piece of news”

For once the news has made me feel some serotonin.

14. “It’s the only thing he’s ever done that’s made me smile”

A one time thing.

15. “It’s the start of a very uphill battle”

Time to put some grippy shoes on.

16. “Happy, but he needs to get credit for Brexit, who else would have done it?”

I’m unqualified to answer this.

17. “Bless him, it’s the first thing he’s done right all year”

Boris gets a golden star sticker for stepping down.

18. “I’m from Pollock and I’m joyous”

Has to be an imposter.

19. “Out of the frying pan and into the microwave”

And a faulty, about to set on fire microwave at that.

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