We asked Scottish students what they really thought of English students at Edi

‘Actually hate them with a passion’

Ah, English students, we all love to hate them. Whether you’re an English student and love to hate the Londoners, or are Scottish and just fully hate all the English students, there’s a lingering beef between English and Scottish students that had to be addressed.

So if you’re a Scottish student wondering if you’re alone in how you feel about English students, or are English wondering whether your Scottish classmate is just bantering with you or actually hates you, then here’s what Scottish students at Edinburgh really think of the English.

1. ‘Most of them are lovely people but a few come up here and just be like prejudiced despite coming here’

I think we’ve all met the type of student this person is talking about.

2. ‘Most are sound until you get those few telling you which celeb is their neighbour’

I’ve never even met my neighbours lol.

3. ‘Small percentage are obnoxious little s**ts that ruin it for the rest of us’

100 per cent.

4. ‘They take over the place and turn it into London with their annoying snobby accent and OTT outfits’

What do you mean there’s not a Pret on every corner??

5. ‘I f*****g hate them’

Short but to the point. Fair enough.

6. ‘There’s just so many of them’

You look away for a second and we multiply tenfold.

7. ‘For some reason so many of them are frightened by Scottish people’

It’s trauma from Shrek’s accent.

8. ‘Rancid and smelly’

No need to single me out here.

9. ‘They need to be humbled’

The library and trying to find a seat whilst being stared at humbles me more than you know.

10. ‘It’s weird that they are surprised when they meet a Scottish person, it’s a Scottish uni??’

*Surprised Pikachu meme*

11. ‘Actually hate them with a passion (except Northerners, love you guys)’

I’m a sad Southerner now.

12. ‘I mean… you hate them until you date them’

I’ll take your word for it.

13. ‘They smell like Quavers’

Absolutely hate Quavers, please don’t come at me.

14. ‘Dated two. Never again. Lived with four. Would do again.’

In consensus, some people are convinced if they date them and others are deterred for life.

15. ‘Hmm considering my best friends are English I guess they’re okay’

If my best friend described me as “okay”, I think I’d cry.

16. ‘I absolutely despise the English. I’ve never wanted to vote independence until I went to Gary’s’

Completely valid.

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