‘Enough is enough’: An interview with an Edinburgh student who supports the EDL, UKIP and Britain First

‘Everyone who is prepared to discuss these important issues is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, bigot’

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Students at Edinburgh University are well known for their left wing stance. In a recent poll conducted by The Tab Edinburgh regarding who students voted for in the general election, 44 per cent of those who responded said that they voted Labour. 

However, among the student body, there are indeed those with right wing views.  In that very same survey, 22 per cent of voters said that they were voting Conservative, and only one per cent said UKIP.

When Nigel, whose name has been changed at his request, said to me on Facebook “Y the fuck do u work for the tab lefty bs worse than buzzfeed,” I saw an opportunity had presented itself to combat this exact sort of criticism, and interview him. 

Would you consider your political beliefs to be far right?

Absolutely not. ‘Far-right’ to me suggests fascism, and I am not a fascist. I do not believe in replacing the Prime Minister with an oppressive, autocratic dictator.

At what age did you begin to formulate the set of political beliefs you currently hold?

The effect of immigration on my home town has certainly played a role, with Arabic, Bengali and Urdu being often more noticeably spoken than English. Things I have seen locally that have probably influenced my political beliefs include; the council producing ‘multi-lingual’ signs, the opening of religious schools, which have recently been investigated for radicalisation and were often viewed as being immune to scrutiny due to political correctness and politicians’ fear of being labelled as a ‘racist’.

Nigel doesn’t really get on with this lot

What are your opinions of the EDL?

I think they have become increasingly more radical over the years. However, Tommy Robinson the former leader was ahead of his time in leading the debate about the Islamification of this country and the political class’ reluctance to oppose it.

Have you ever interacted with groups like the EDL?

Yes, quite recently I came across one of their demonstrations outside a London train station about the recent terror attack on London Bridge.  I got talking to a number of them and realised I actually agreed with a lot of what they stood for.  I then proceeded to join the demonstration for a short period of time.

So would you say you support the EDL?

Yes, I support them because they were the original grassroots campaign to stop Islamfication, a movement that started in Luton and has spread throughout the nation.

So, who did you vote for in the 2017 UK General Election, and why?

UKIP because we need another right-wing party to hold the Conservatives to account.  I also voted for them because of their original policies like scrapping hospital parking charges and immigration integration policies like banning the Burqa. Although they did not have as much success as I had hoped, I am still optimistic about their future and look forward to the leadership campaign, in which I am supporting Anne Marie Waters, the director of Sharia Watch UK to take over.

Could you explain your views on Islam?

An ideology which if believed, is evidently dangerous.

What do you think about modern day feminism?

It’s a joke. There is no single law in the union which is sexist with intent. It has surpassed the idea that females are not equal to their males counterparts instead it is more of an angry ‘anti-penis’ movement.

Do you feel able to openly express your political views at Edinburgh University?  If not, why not?

Absolutely not, otherwise this article would not be anonymous. Because everyone who is prepared to discuss these important issues is a ‘racist, xenophobic, homophobic, bigot’.

What fundamental issues do you therefore have with student politics?

A lot: The idea of ‘safe-spaces’, banning speakers who oppose the leftist agenda of the Students’ Union, the idea of gender-neutral areas like toilets. Those are just a few issues I have a problem with.

How would you respond to criticism that you’re racist or bigoted?

We are already paying a price for political correctness. So call me a racist all you like but you are allowing for certain problems to continue in doing so.