Edinburgh has an Echo Falls society and it’s lit

If you have Facebook, an ID (or not) and a smart phone – you’re in

Who can be bothered to streak through the Meadows for a glass of vino? The days of infamous Bullingdon-style drinking socs are coming to an end, and the Echo Falls Society, the unofficial home of Edi drinking, is where it’s at.

With over six hundred members, it’s hard not to be sucked into the cult of the Falls. If you have Facebook, an ID (or not) and a smart phone – you’re in.

How did it all begin?

It began with the Abbeyhill boys back 2015, when Brexit and Trump were as unconvincing as Appleton’s face-lift. Four founding members were looking for a cheap and cheerful pre-drink before an infamous Pimps and Hoes ‘Shagentines’ party at Fraser Court – you know, the one with £1000 in damages?  The old lady at the JMCC till asked the dapper gents, “oh you all look very smart, are you part of the Economics Society?” to which founding father Joe, a self-confessed Strawberry and Elderflower-er, replied, “no, we are part of the Echo Falls Society”. And thus, the Echo Falls Society was born.

Four founding fathers pre-Shagetines

In the early days, it was just a few mates, but it slowly grew to something more. At one point, “20 people were asking to join everyday” said the founders. Now the society is growing, with over 600 members to date.

What actually is the Echo Falls Society?

The Echo Falls Soc is a mecca of vino keenos basking in what they love: wine that will set you up for a night out for under a fiver.

It’s not like other societies. It’s not constrained to one mixer a week, as everyday can be a night with the Falls. All you need is  a a bottle and a smartphone wherever you go. Simply upload a pic of you and a bottle of the sauce to the FB page and voila – you’re there with everyone else…ish.

A gal pal and I at our own Falls night – praying to the shrine

It’s super inclusive

Ezana, one of the founding fathers, believes the success comes from more than just a love of fine wine. He says: “It’s about being social and having a good time”.

Membership is extended to all, whether you’re ‘strawpedoing’ a bottle at pres or sipping summer berries at a dinner party.

It’s not hard to see why everyone else is so game either. The Echo Falls Society is special – you have a bond with your fellow ‘Fall-ers’. In the chaos of pre-drinking it provides stability. You know if you see someone with a bottle – or two – you’re in good hands.

In a sea of Buckfast and VKs, being in the society is “all about having a good time, so you end up with a group of people that are the life of the party”, says Ezana.

Exhibit B – the epitome of the Faller

The home of innovation

Want more than just a catalogue of glorified product placement? The society is also perf for sharing the freshest life-hacks. You want to drink both bottles at once but need a spare hand to Snapchat – why not use a Tango Ice Blast slurper? Or say you’re rushing to get to Big Cheese before 11pm, but your shot glasses and egg cups are in the pile of moulding dishes? Just use the bottom of your Echo Falls bottle- DUH.

A moment of pure genius

Check out the Facebook page to initiate and remember, #BringtheFalls.