Yesterday was St. Andrew’s Day and Edi students didn’t have a clue

Loads didn’t even know it was a bank holiday

With a sneaking suspicion, we asked some Edinburgh students if they knew why it was a bank holiday yesterday, and the results were even more distressing than we expected. But don’t worry, this can easily be put down to the fact we’re all foreign – even though St Andrew is also the patron saint of Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Colombia and Barbados – and there was a severe lack of advertising for the 1000 year old event.

We all just prefer St. Patrick’s day, really.

Andy Todd, Neuroscience, First Year 

“Is today a bank holiday? I was wondering why there were so many people on my bus at 1pm. They should make it into a massive, lucrative piss up like St. Paddy’s day and then people would care. If I owned a bar here I’d make such a big deal out of it.”

Sarah, History and Micha, English and Psychology, First Year

“No idea. St Andrew’s Day? It’s just not been advertised, I guess – I haven’t heard anything about it at all.”

“I guess it’s just not a big deal anymore.”

Ricki and Marie, Theology and politics, First Year  

“We’re from Germany and Norway so we’re not familiar with why it would be a bank holiday. Had no idea it was St. Andrew’s day.”

Alfie, History, First Year 

“I knew it was St Andrew’s day, but I didn’t know it was a bank holiday. They could try actually giving us the day off – then some people might know about it.”

Shooka, International Business & Spanish, First Year

“I don’t even know what St. Andrew’s day is? I haven’t seen anyone post about it and unless it’s on Facebook it’s not a thing.”

Maria, Medicine, First Year 

(Vegetarian haggis in the JMCC)

“Is it because it’s St. Andrew’s day? I know because of the Google art for today – it’s all Scottish. Also all the food’s Scottish themed today.”