Breaking: King’s Buildings closes after being hit by massive power loss

They lost power for two hours and were forced to evacuate

A huge, unexpected power loss hit King’s Buildings today, causing chaos for science students. The whole King’s Buildings campus was affected  by the power cut at around 3pm.

People stayed in the buildings for up to an hour after the power cut took place until natural light from outside began to fade. A first year Biomedical student, Sunna, said: “I’m not sure how long it lasted but I left at around 3:45 and it was still down.”

Many students working on the campus computers are likely to have lost work on the computers.

Clara, a third year Biology student said: “All the computers switched and we lost all our work. We tried to keep going without the screens working, but these people came in telling us to evacuate because of the fire risk due to the fire alarms not working. When we got outside there were a few fire engines around.”

Power was restored to the campus shortly before 5pm. The Central campus was unaffected throughout.