Hate crime at Edinburgh Central Mosque next to Potterrow

Police ask students to stay vigilant

Whilst Edinburgh students were enjoying Saturday night in Potterrow, Edinburgh Central Mosque became the victim of a ‘hate crime.’ An object was thrown into the garden, creating a small fire and causing damage to the Mosque. It is being investigated by the police.

Police Scotland were quick to describe the attack as a hate crime, which was religiously motivated. Chief Inspector Mark Rennie, local area commander for south east Edinburgh, said: “This was a despicable and reckless act which we are treating as a hate crime.”

Due to its location just next to George Square, many of us pass the Mosque almost daily and don’t think twice about it, but after this attack, the police are asking people to try and be aware and look out for any suspicious behaviour.


A vigil is being held today outside the mosque at 18:00 for all those who wish to pay their respects and stand in solidarity with the Mosque against Islamophobia.