What Mumsnet thinks about Edinburgh

“I’ve heard it’s dreadful. Full of twats who ‘should have’ got into Oxbridge with rather ghastly parents.”

The internet is a pretty weird place. One of the weirdest places on it is Mumsnet.

If you don’t know, Mumsnet is an online forum for parents to discuss a variety of parenting issues with each other. Reasonable in theory but it’s essentially something for bored middle class mothers to do after they drop off little Charlie at his prep school and ask other people about which boarding school they should ship him off to.

They all refer to their children as ‘DS’ or ‘DD’ – dear son or dear daughter.

We thought’d it be interesting to see what they thought about Edinburgh uni. A place Charlie should dream of going to or put down as his fourth choice on his UCAS form?

The question

We posed as a classic Mumsnet poster, showing concern for our hypothetical child’s departure to Edinburgh hoping to provoke a response.

Some of them rated Edinburgh..

Cheers FoggyBottom

‘World class’ – we’ll take that

Party every day

The terms really are too long

Too bad about the feedback though

Others did not..


They might have been referring to a different Scottish uni..

Some older posts

nailed it