The best and worst smoking areas in Edinburgh

Heat lamps are really important

The smoking area of a club can make or a break it. It’s where people go to cool off and get a breather from the serious dance moves they’ve been throwing, maybe drop some game on that cutie they spied at the bar, or (shockingly) have a smoke. We decided to pick Edinburgh’s best and worst smoking areas so next time you’ll know whether you really want to “go take a breather”.


There are sofas, shisha, and heat lamps. There is also a DJ, meaning that you don’t have to wrestle through the crowds of freshers to try and get to the dance-floor as you can just stay outside for the rest of the night.



Whilst this one is small it has a lot to give. Yes the bouncers get funny if you aren’t standing on the decking but there is a bench and lots of interesting people to talk to. If it all gets too much for you they also let you go out of the club and walk around the streets of Edinburgh and when you are ready you can glide back in without the hassle of having to pay to get back in.

It’s that little section on the right


STAIRS. THE SMOKING AREA IS STAIRS. It is a recipe for disaster. Drunk girls in heels can easily fall down the steps into the loving arms of a rugby boy. It is dangerous and cramped and does not make a good place to have a quiet ciggy and a chat.

“I’m here to catch them when they fall”

Liquid Rooms

The unrivalled winner. It has heat lamps at every turn, ample seating and tables and there is even a bar. There are umbrellas to protect you from the hideous Scottish weather. This is the place to be at the beginning of the night because everyone is waiting for the party to really start…

look at all those heat lamps


Potterow smoking area has been brutally murdered. No longer can you sit on the sides of the flower beds and watch people describe how they won the strawpedo race. Nor can you watch young love develop, people trying to pee or be sick without the bouncers seeing (they always do). The day when those boards come down and Potterow has a real smoking area again will be a day that the world can rejoice.


The Library

Yes Liquid Rooms has the best club smoking area, but nothing beats the social hub that is outside of the library. People go there even if they don’t want to smoke because they know that there will always be someone there that they know. There is seating and when it is raining you can huddle under the overhang in the ‘no smoking’ area.