Clubbers of the Week

Hive ’til week five

Whether you were out celebrating good exam results, or just not having to wait for them any longer, you looked great.


But great.

Stunner of the Week

so candid

Runners Up

Creeper of the Week

Runners Up

Wankers of the Week

Third Wheel of the Week

Dance it off girl

Runners Up

Mutant of the Week

Runners Up

Heros of the Week

Heroines of the Week

These three.. spectacular work, ladies

Runners Up

Album Covers of the Week

The lonely pout

Beards, Bares, and Babes

DJ Pollock, coming at you live from the sticky club floor

WTFs of the Week

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week

Best of the Rest

This is art

Photo Credits

Flare, Love, Chambles: Neil Stewart Photography

Hector’s House, Mansion, Temple: Ben Glasgow: BGM Scotland

Creme Soda, Milk, The Sugar Club, Fly Club, Circus: David Wilkinson/Empirical

Broke: Elliot Gilmour Creative

Thirsty, Kono: Anna Velikova