Someone has stolen a homeless man’s things and he’s devastated

‘Organic Jim’ is well known around Edinburgh for his relentless optimism

The legendary homeless man ‘Organic Jim’ has had most of his possessions stolen two weeks ago.

Among the stolen items are all the music he’s ever owned, his tent and two suitcases worth of belongings.

Jim says he has been living on the streets for three and a half years, and has become known around Edinburgh for his charming optimism. A Facebook page in his honour has over 1,600 likes, but after the theft he is much more downbeat about the future and is in a really bad way.

He’s extremely upset, and is finding the loss of his things very difficult to deal with.

Jim in happier times

The two best ways of helping him would be either to find the lost belongings, or to give him what he’s lost.

He desperately needs a tent, a big suitcase and some waterproof boots, whilst he would also much appreciate being given some of the music that he lost. He’s a big music fan (he was a dancer when he was younger) and some of his favourite artists include Abba and John Denver.

Jim is still sleeping rough, but he can be found on either Sciennes Road in between Newington and Marchmont or on one of its off roads over the next few days.

People in life haven’t been kind to Jim, so let’s help him out.

If you want to donate, email [email protected], and we’ll pass on details of a drop-off point where you can leave items for him.