No gender-neutral toilets in Potterow for the time being

It’s possibly in breach of licensing regulations

The announcement comes after the decision was made to re-assign two thirds of EUSA venue toilets as gender neutral spaces.

Earlier this week, EUSA passed the ‘Stop Taking the Piss’ policy, which aimed to re-assign “two thirds of EUSA venue toilets as gender neutral spaces” due to trans people being regularly harassed for using the wrong toilets.

However, when contacted by the Tab, EUSA sabbatical officer Andy Peel stated that “in December EUSA had sought legal advice as we were unsure whether the full implementation of the motion might put us in breach of Scottish Building and Licensing regulations, due to quotas for gendered toilets in licensed premises.”

According to Peel, “initial feedback suggests this would be the case and so we are seeking further clarification on this.”

The sabbatical officer added that he was “fully supportive of the expansion of gender neutral toilets within EUSA buildings” and believed that “giving students a choice between gendered and gender neutral toilets is an important step in ensuring all students are able to feel comfortable on campus.”