Potterow and the Library to be redeveloped


Edinburgh University is making a multi-millionaire pound investment in student facilities throughout the university, including Potterrow, the main Library, Kings Buildings and more.

Rumours about the possible redevelopment and temporary closure of Potterrow this year, which struck terror into the hearts of Big Cheese fanatics, have been dismissed.

You won’t have to give up this joy

Potterrow is due for extensive refurbishment, including the additions of more social and study spaces, but not for a few years.

The main library, perhaps the area most in demand for increased study spaces, will be seeing the addition of up to 400 new study areas. This includes group pods, individual desks, computer desks, and soft seats.

Kings buildings will be receiving an overall update on the campus, including the addition of new study spaces in the Mary Bruck building and the KB centre.

Other university areas that will receive renovations include Pleasance, which will be more accessible for societies use aswell as newspaper and radio provisions – the Law Library, which will receive 250 new study spaces – and Old College, which will receive modernised computer facilities.

this construction better be worth it

EUSA Vice President of Societies & Activities Andy Peel said: “As part of the University’s long-term 10 year strategy for 2015-2025, the University of Edinburgh and EUSA are working on an exciting new vision for the central area.

He added: “The University anticipates EUSA remaining in Potterrow until 2020. An initial announcement was shared with students at the outset of the project and we’ll continue to share information as it becomes available. You can find the announcement here.”

Principal of the University of Edinburgh, Tim O’Shea also commented on the investment plans: “I’m very pleased about the programme of new buildings and improvements planned, which will transform the estate into more efficient and inspiring spaces. This investment will significantly enrich the student experience and allow us to create a world-class teaching and learning environment which matches expectations and responds flexibly to changing student and staff needs.”