Who do you regret sleeping with?

You’ve embarrassed yourself, and disappointed your mother

With Edinburgh students having on average seven and a half sexual partners, chances are that you’ll all have at least one sexual regret.

Here are your stories.

The neighbour

In first year I slept with my neighbour in halls once, and had to see him on the way to the shower all the time, it was awful. To make matters worse he seemed to really care whenever I brought someone else home.” – Elizabeth, 3rd year.

The Tinder match

I hooked up with a girl on Tinder about an hour after matching with her, she turned out to be a bit intense. I slept with her once, and she didn’t stop sending me nudes for months, un-asked for, even when she knew I had a girlfriend. I had to block her to get it to stop. She even added a girl I was dating later on Facebook. – Charlie, third year.


The flatmates

Me and my flatmate went on a night out to Hive. I saw an old friend, who liked my flatmate. I took one for the team, hooking up with her friend, so my flatmate was in the clear. Turned out they weren’t friends, they were flatmates too. Me and my flatmate had the most awkward 20 second conversation of my life before disappearing into the the girls’ separate bedrooms. He ran home at 6am the next morning to avoid the awkwardness. – Charlie (again).

The Freshers’ Week fling

I slept with a guy a few times in Freshers’ Week, it was going OK, but that all changed when, half-way through sex he stopped, crying, saying that he wasn’t over his ex. – Kate


The guy with the girlfriend

I had a one night stand with a guy I met in WhyNot. I found out a few days later that he had a girlfriend of three years, and people made me feel like the bad one. Why should I feel like the dick when I didn’t even know about her? It’s all on him, the sex wasn’t even that good. – Freya, second year.

The girl with the boyfriend

I hooked up with a girl in halls, both of us fairly lazily drunk. Shit sex later, the next day she became Facebook official with her boyfriend. They’re still together today, and that was over two years ago. I’ve been the ‘other man’ in three other relationships, without my knowledge. It’s fucking shit. -David, third year.



The rah

I met a guy in Freshers’ Week, he was charming, toned, and had a heavy appreciation for tweed. After a week of spending all day and night with each other, linked spotify accounts, and an invitation to go to his for christmas, he asked me to move in with him next year.

Safe to say we got pretty deep. Soon after the deed was done, he showed himself to be grumpy, arrogant and too into his mummy issues. I’ve moved on, but now have the pleasure of seeing him for breakfast and dinner at the JMCC every day. Pollock Perks. – Camilla, first year.

The player 

A friend had his mate from home visiting and we slept together after leaving the club. When discussing what happened, with my best friend at the time, she seemed to be acting pretty awkward. Three weeks later, she sheepishly admitted to sleeping with him on the same evening, during pres. Awks. – Caroline, second year.

Serious regret

Serious regret

The ex

Everyone does it. It’s just the worst thing you can do, and it’s never as good as you remember it to be. – James, fourth year.

The RA

It was a night out in Glasgow with the LGBT society and I met this Greek guy, we made out in the clubs and got a bus back together. Turns out he was an RA in Pollock, where I was staying. When we got back he kept inviting me back to his room to ‘just cuddle’ and I said no, because sobriety had hit me.

I saw him pretty much everyday in the JMCC and he always wanted to sit with me. Also, he studied the same course as me so would ask and message me if we could ‘study’ some time. I actively avoided him the rest of the year. – James, second year.

The member of staff

I went home with an older guy from hive, everything went how a one night stand should have, until I walked into my biology lab the next day and he was my lab demonstrator. – Annabelle, first year.


The society member

I spent the night with the head of my society, he said he liked me and seemed really keen to see me again, until a few days later. After seeing me back in the society setting, the power eventually got to his head and he started being really awkward and rude to me for no good reason. Safe to say I left the society pretty soon after. – Dianne, second year.

The rugby boy

I went home with a rugby boy in tweed after an Opal Wednesday. It was shit. The only thing I got from the experience was a score out of 10. – Alexandra, second year.