Long distance relationships do not work at uni. This is why

Don’t even try and deny it

With the Christmas break fast approaching, it’s time to re-evaluate that romance of yours.

Your relationship from home may have just about survived freshers week but is it realistically going to last four years?

We think not.  And here’s why.


Please don’t cry

Temptation is everywhere

Whether they’re your neighbour in halls or someone you met in the smoking area of WhyNot, it’s more than likely that your eyes will be wondering.

You’re going to have met new people who you have more in common with, and who are probably a lot hotter than your current boyfriend or girlfriend.

This definitely counts as temptation

This definitely counts as temptation

If you don’t cheat, they will

The chances are after a drunken night out one of you is going to cheat. After all, humans aren’t made to be monogamous.

Louise, a first year, said:

“My boyfriend of a year cheated on me in Freshers week and was Facebook official with the girl three days later, all while we were still supposedly dating.”

It’s a smaller world than you think.

Don't let gossip kill your relationship

Don’t let gossip kill your relationship

Everyone changes

Uni is a new chapter in your life and, as much as you don’t want to admit it, you are going to change. Whether that be a big change or a small one, it will likely have a huge impact on your relationship.


Any innocent club photo you are in will be subject to questions like ‘why is his arm around you?’ or ‘who is that girl with you?’. The possessiveness that was once cute will get old if it hasn’t already.



New friends

Making friends is a fundamental part of uni life, and spending your weekends visiting your bae isn’t going to help your uni social life.

You’ll forever be known as the one who’s significant other visited every single weekend.

Amy, a second year, said:

“I found it hard to make friends with guys because they felt threatened by the fact that I had a boyfriend.”

He's struggling

He’s struggling

Long distance relationships are hard

Phone calls and facetiming will replace the cuddly relationship you once had.

Katie, who ended it with her boyfriend in first year, said “when you’re hungover and want cuddles, they aren’t there.”

So when you end things with your bae this Christmas, don’t be sad, think of who you’ll be getting with in the new year.