Apple’s grand opening on Princes Street an embarassing flop

No one gave a shit

Edinburgh has jumped on the band wagon and got itself its very own shiny Apple Store.

A complete secret until a few weeks ago, the store appeared out of thin air.

We all know the spiel; Apple store openings attract all types of hard core fans camping outside the doors for days with the hope of making history by being the first to step into the pristine shop.

Not Edinburgh.

No, in Edinburgh, the streets were empty on the eve of this grand opening.


According to a poll run by STV, 30 people said they would camp overnight to be the first ones in, 167 said they wouldn’t bother but might pop in later in the day and 123 said they couldn’t give less of a shit.

Having attracted millions of Apple lovers at their opening in New York ,London and Tokyo, it is likely that the multi million company will be disappointed by the Scots’ lack of interest in their shop.

Thats awkward...

Thats awkward…

That being said, there were a few people there as the sun shone on Princes street at noon on Saturday.

Eager Genii cheered and clapped as the first thousand visitors received free Apple t-shirts.

Trouble is, the store opened at 10am, and these exclusive gifts were still being handed out two hours later.

The people receiving them were mainly people who’d obviously just wandered off the street and seemed very confused as to what all the fuss was about. Not exactly the stuff of legend.

Yes that toddler is definitely an Apple fanatic

Yes that toddler is definitely an Apple fanatic

All in all, it was a bit embarassing for the tech giants. If it had been a Primark,on the other hand…