Paramedics rush girl from Big Cheese to hospital

She was treated for an emergency unrelated to alcohol

Dramatic scenes shook the Big Cheese on Saturday when a woman collapsed and was rushed away in an ambulance.  

A third-year was admitted to hospital after suffering from a seizure similar to an epileptic fit in Potterrow.


Doctors determined that it was related to the Shigella bacteria that she contracted in India over the summer.

Symptoms of the infection include an upper-body twitch that she cannot control.

The Politics student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Everyone started running up to me claiming that they were medics or first aid-trained but it was the EUSA staff and my flatmates that were really great.

“The doctors don’t know much at the moment and it took them a couple of weeks to diagnose me at first.

“They say the twitch is unrelated to the illness and is psychological but has only come about in the last few weeks since I’ve been ill.”

She added that she was released from hospital with complaints of whiplash and severe tiredness but doctors are still uncertain about the causes of her sickness.

The Scottish Ambulance service confirmed that a student was treated by paramedics at 1:22 AM at Potterrow before being admitted to hospital.