Showdown: Outraged student in war of words with incensed lecturer

Bold second year lets loose in lecture hall

Baffled students watched their classmate take on their professor in a verbal stand off mid-lecture.

The English Literature lecturer hassled every latecomer to the room for breaking his students’ concentration.

But after 15 minutes of the ongoing rally, one angry second year hollered: “Your continual commentary on everyone coming in is actually more distracting and disruptive!”

Heated atmosphere in lecture-hall

The battleground.

He then went on to shout down his taken-aback lecturer for over 20 minutes in a charged argument.

But classmates were unimpressed with the student’s stunt. Bea Lovestone said: “It was almost a waste of a lecture because the argument lasted well over 20 minutes in total.

“Eventually everyone told him to shut up.”

Ironically, the belligerent second year is often late to lectures. Classmate Beth Blakemore said: “He’s late to almost every class or tutorial I have with him.

“Sometimes he walks in 20 minutes after a class has started and is himself distracting.”

Another student Blanca Siljedahl said: “The whole situation was a good reminder to us all of how disrespectful tardiness really is, so hopefully students learned a thing or two from today’s drama.”

This mystery student is currently off the radar. But he certainly provided entertainment of the highest degree on Wednesday afternoon.