The Cara Craze: Edinburgh’s eyebrows

Big brows are all the craze – Parisa Hashempour scouts out Edinburgh’s best BBOCs

“If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the curtains.”

Paolo, Geneva’s best beautician, said a lot of wise things in the’ Princess Diaries’ films – but this was probably the wisest.

Cara flaunting those famous brows on Instagram

Cara flaunting those famous brows on Instagram


These days trends in eyebrows are led by the impressive likes of Cara Delevinge, and bushy brows are bang on trend.

So taking to George Square in a quest to uncover the BBOC (Big Brows On Campus) I met some lovely pairs of eyebrows that demonstrated the Cara craze has been well and truly embraced by the student bubble.

The Duo:


Robbie and Catriona Grindlay

Robbie is in his first year studying law and his sister Catriona is visiting from Aberdeen. Big brows are definitely in the genes then.

Who would you say is your eyebrow icon? 

Catriona: It’s got to be Cara.

Robbie: But who was that old archbishop of Canterbury? Remember him?

Catriona: Rowan Williams?

Robbie: Yeah! Those eyebrows were iconic.. and then there’s Robert Pattinson.

Dr Rowan is a fashion fiend

Dr Rowan is a fashion fiend


Who would be your dream dates? 

Catriona: David Gandy. He’s got the perfect grecian features, that chiselled jaw!

Robbie: It’s got to be Carey Mulligan

The Thinker:

The next pair of student brows that caught my eye had landed in Edinburgh directly from Russia. The home to famous brows such as the likes of Natalia Vodianova.

Growing out her brows to keep her warm on the cold Moscow nights

Growing out her brows to keep her warm on the cold Moscow nights

Another Nataliya, a second year Philosophy student shows that there’s a lot of pondering to be done behind those neat brows.

So Nataliya, who is your eyebrow icon?

Leonid Brezhnev


He’s the russian Cara Delevigne, look him up!

I looked him up...

I looked him up…

Who would be your perfect date ?

Brezhnev! ..just joking. Ryan Reynolds- he’s hot. Ohh, and Andrew Garfield, he’s cool AND hot.

The Artist:

Liz Teixeira, in her second year of studying sustainable development, gives us advice on what products to use to get brows as big as hers.

Dem brows

Dem brows

Who would you describe as your eyebrow icon?

Cara Delevigne!

Of course, it’s got to be! What do you use on yours?

I think it’s called Hourglass Pencil Arch, it’s so good.

At £26 brow care doesn’t come cheap..

Who would be your perfect date?

I really couldn’t tell you. Maybe George Clooney? I know he’s old but he’s good looking and charming.

The Audrey:

Finally, meet Rose who admits her eyebrows used to make her feel insecure. That’s all turned around now though, thanks to the big eyebrow trend.

Rose's eyebrows are the bees knees

Rose’s eyebrows are the bees knees

So Rose, Who is your eyebrow icon?

Audrey Hepburn. I just really like Audrey, she’s a classy lady with a timeless look!

Who would be your ideal date?

The Archbishop of Canterbury. Great eyebrows..

It seems the Archbishop was ahead of his time with beauty trends, holding a place the hearts of the BBOC’s of Edinburgh.

From brows-ing around the campus it’s become all too clear that there’s no escaping the Cara craze on Edinburgh’s campus. If your brows are big- embrace it! And if you have a thing for girls with big eyebrows, well then you should probably be Ryan Gosling or the Archbishop of Canterbury.