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Check out these pics of Neil’s Dad from The Inbetweeners at Collingwood

The VK-off referee returns

Amongst the notable dignitaries attending the opening of Collingwood's new £6m social spaces there was one individual that stood out from the rest. Taking a break from the badminton season Neil's Dad, yes the Neil's Dad, was at Collingwood for a gala concert which marked the opening of the college's new theatre.

Neil's Dad, or to use his alias Alex Macqueen, studied English Literature at Collingwood in the mid-nineties and you would be hard pressed to find a more influential alumnus to have come out of Durham. Thankfully appearing in more than just his briefs Alex was the compere for the gala concert which showcased the college's finest musical and theatrical talent.

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Credit: Toby Hillery

"Some of you may remember me as a doctor in Holby general," he said. "Others as a blue skies thinking civil servant, but the more filthy minded amongst you likely know me as Neil's Dad."

He thanked the college for providing support in his uni days: "This college gave me a lot. From helping put on Macbeth in the cathedral to supporting me in the National Youth Theatre." After the concert he patiently posed for pictures with starstruck students and reminisced about his time in Durham.

Daniel said: "An opportunity to meet the voice of a generation doesn't come around often, so when it does it's hard to know what to say but he was a true gent."

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Freshers Daniel and Maddie with their hero

This isn't the first time he's come back to The Wood. Last year Alex was a guest at the college's Invitational Formal. One student who was several pints in tried to convince him to take part in a VK-off. He eventually politely agreed to be the referee, commenting: "I don't understand how you can do that so fast!"

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Is that a pint of wine?!

Neil's Dad was at the college for a reason. Collingwood has undergone extensive renovations to its social spaces over the past 12 months and the end product is something to behold. Take a look at these pics and if you're stuck in the likes of Mildert or Trevs you might be thinking you picked the wrong college.

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All funded through the generosity of former Collingwood students the college now boasts a new larger gym, a dance studio, theatre, new JCR, toastie shop, renovated bar and toilets which don't resemble the one in Trainspotting. This is on top of a football pitch and bar deck which opened last year.

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