Spirituality for dummies

Learn to channel your inner zen this exam term

Being gay in a Muslim family

It’s time to stop using religious tolerance to defend intolerance

Pro-Palestine Societies boycott Middle East Peace Week

They claim the talks were organised to “direct attention away from the growing success of Israeli Apartheid Week”.

Review: BARE

As a production, BARE is almost perfect. Tonight’s performance was less so, but we both recognise its potential.

Preview: BARE

BARE is set to have you dancing and crying with a strong musical score and talented cast

Stay in education as long as you can – the future is bleak

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap

Tab Tries: Islamic Friday Prayers

I’m a middle class liberal plagued with cultural guilt

Preview: Islam Week

Come and find out

Tab Meets: Sylvester McCoy

MATTHEW KEMP went down to the Union on Sunday night joining hordes of fans to listen to the Seventh Doctor, Sylvestor McCoy speak about Time Lords, Hedgehogs and Spoons.

Rachel Tookey: Week 6

This week, RACHEL TOOKEY talks about religion and suggests that we all do a little less arguing and a little more listening.

Tim Winter: A Muslim Response

Tim Winter’s words are misguided, but he does not speak for Islam, says ZACK HASSAN.

“INEXPLICABLE ABERRATION”: Cam Lecturer Slates Homosexuality

Divinity Faculty lecturer Tim Winter labels homosexuality an “inexplicable aberration” in a hastily removed YouTube video.

Crucifixion Chaos

A man posing as Jesus Christ on the Cross has spent Good Friday stationed outside King’s Chapel.


Haggard doesn’t reveal the dark side of this fascinating scandal, but the Attenborough-Michell partnership remains strong, writes BETH GREAVES.

Fact over Faith: A Response

LEWIS MACDONALD tells us how he’s religious and not a “moron”.

Fact Over Faith

In the light of the Commons’ vote on marriage, JAMIE WEBB argues that religion’s influence in 21st century society is not justified.

Back Our Buddhists

Plans for a Buddhist temple in Cambridge are under threat after leading monks have been forced out of the country.

Christianity In Cambridge

FABIENNE CROCKET examines the image of Christianity in Cambridge, and explains the link between religion and genitalia…

The News From The Dark Blues

Peter Andre is about, Christians are angry and Harry Potter fans are happy in Oxford this week. JAMES ROTHWELL explains.


JAMES QUINCE goes all the way to Stratford to see just what all the fuss is about over MARAT/SADE.