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A freshers’ guide to Cambridge theatre

*disclaimer* does not include Pinter’s blessing

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Far Out: Life at the Hill Colleges

Distance is just a number

All the first impressions you’ll make as a Cambridge Fresher

Spoiler alert: they’re not good.

Things we all thought about our Cambridge interviews

Every single one of us cocked up really

Fake News Column: The Bridge of Whys

Fresh off the press that is Donald Trump’s Twitter account

Stop hating on Freshers’ Week

Real-life Cambridge first-year gives a *gasp* POSITIVE review of Freshers’ week!

Running around Cambridge

In a sporty way not a panic way

Tab Guide to mental health services in Cambridge

If there is one article you keep from our freshers’ guide, make it this one

What to pack for your first term

Don’t let yourself be left without in Freshers’ Week

Apply to be a Fresher Columnist

Applications are open for Cambridge’s MOST READ student paper

A letter to my fresher self

Don’t down it too often

How Cambridge takes over your life

I want to break free

I already hate my degree

Need I say more? The rest is history.

Imposter Syndrome? Here’s why it doesn’t matter

I don’t know about you, but I’ll never be a blue.

Tinder in Cambridge: A Scientific Investigation

It’s going down, I’m getting Tinder

Cambridge Guild releases Michaelmas term card to ‘shake-up’ the careers scene at Cambridge

They’re bringing Mars to Cambridge

Here’s everything you’ll need to survive Freshers’ week

Do you prioritise the toastie maker or the drugs?

Is sex really all that satisfying?

“Coito ergo sum” is a no from me amirite

The Phases of an All-Nighter

Summary: Work work work work work

In Praise of Procrastination