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Gal power needs to think outside the bubble

Women’s activism in Cambridge is often too insular and not global enough

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Germaine Greer runs for Vice-Chancellor to “restore thinking to education”

Controversial feminist Germaine Greer wants to hold the most powerful post in the University and become Cambridge’s 346th Vice-Chancellor.


We can do without the faux-feministing

Rachel Tookey: Week 4

This week, RACHEL TOOKEY contemplates pubes and feminism, and has even created a delightful quiz for you all.

When Feminism Becomes Exclusivism?

FAITH BARKER explains why she feels uncomfortable with some of the attitudes expressed within the CUSU Women’s Campaign.

What’s Sex Got to Do With It?

RUPERT MERCER argues that Mary Beard’s response was off the mark.

John’s Chocolate Cock-Up

John’s have been accused of “equating female experience with Dairy Milk” after giving female students chocolate to mark International Women’s Day.

Sophie Thorpe

SOPHIE THORPE addresses her anonymous commenters in her last ever column.

The Porn Debate: Anna Span

HELEN BRANNIGAN delves into the world of adult film with award-winning pornographer ANNA SPAN. “Ask yourself, why is it wrong to look at people having sex?”

Full Frontal Feminism

LVJ dusts the cobwebs off feminism and shows why the movement is as important as ever.

Slippery Nipples

HOLLY STEVENSON investigates whether Carla Bruni going braless was an example of brazen glory or, put simply, a boob.

Feminist Fracas

The Cambridge Feminist Society has been plagued by infighting following a mixed response to a poster warning women to avoid illegal cabs.