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The Exchange in Bristol will be playing ‘Africa’ by Toto on repeat all night

I bless the rains down in Africaaaa

The Exchange in Old Market will be playing 'Africa' by Toto on repeat all night long. I repeat, all. night. long.

Bristol DJ Michael Savage is the man behind this genius night which hopes to raise money for Temwa, a charity which supports people living in the rural areas of northern Malawi.

The 1982 banger will be on loop for at least five hours at The Exchange. However, for any ticket holders needing a break from the original ( as if you escape this epic tune), the adjoining cafe area will be playing remixes and covers of the song .

Crowd sings Toto's Africa

WATCH: Bristol students braved the cold this afternoon to sing "Africa" by Toto in Royal Fort Gardens. Read all about it here:

Posted by The Tab Bristol on Saturday, November 11, 2017

DJ Michael added that he is considering extending the length of the event in the hope of securing a new Guinness World Record.

Michael told the Bristol Post: "I’ve been DJing all over Bristol for 25 years and Africa is the one song which has always filled dance floors without fail.

“The idea for this came a few years ago when me and my mate were blind drunk at the pub, of course. We thought it would be funny to do a club night where nothing but Africa is played."

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The song is already a hit with Bristol students

He continued: “The idea got put on the back burner for a while but a few months back I decided now is the time to do it, and I can’t wait for it to come around.

“It’s okay for ticket holders as they can dip in and out but me and the bar staff are going to be stuck with it. I doubt we’ll ever want to hear it again after the night is over, and I'd therefore like to apologise to all staff working that night."

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