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‘Worst night ever’ at Motion sees huge queues, overcrowding and security concerns

The club has since apologised

Bicep at Motion on Friday night saw hundreds of attendees disappointed by a number of security failings that meant they were forced to wait hours to enter the club and each of the two rooms inside it.

Attendees reported that it took between ninety minutes and two hours to enter Motion, with people queue jumping, pushing and shoving in the absence of any barriers. The club subsequently claimed on the event page that "due to a previous incident a couple of weeks ago, security measures on entry had been stepped up and this affected entry time."

However, this security did not appear to extend to the actual scanning of tickets. Numerous attendees posted in the 'Clifton and Stoke Bishop Tickets' Facebook group, claiming their Bicep barcodes had not been scanned and offering them up for sale or even for free. Others claimed to have not had their bags searched. Third year Exeter University student Joel Grant added: "Female members of our group didn’t receive a search."

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Some of the posts in the Clifton and Stoke Bishop Tickets Facebook group

Attendee Joshua Pinwell from Bournemouth said that he was told "you don’t even really need a ticket" as he walked in and that he spent "half my night in a over packed awfully organised main room."

Inside the club, revellers experienced huge overcrowding. Given the main attraction of the night was electronic music duo Bicep, many fans were disappointed that the main room hosting the headliner was closed off due to maximum capacity once the event had started.

Bristol University English student Tom Roe commented: "During the crush we genuinely couldn't move to leave, guy next to was having a panic attack on the verge of tears. Absolute outrageous – paying £30 and queuing 1.5 hrs to not see the main act."

The club has subsequently apologised on their event page: "In terms of the main room issue, it’s always difficult to balance the two rooms when it comes to headliner and pull on each room. In this instance we got it wrong and the demand for Bicep live was far higher than that of the second room."

"We’d like to apologise to any customers who had their nights impacted because of these issues. Motion is a professionally run club and we do not take incidents like this lightly. Anyone who would like to speak to use directly and further on this, email please contact [email protected] where we will be ready to listen."

Motion told The Tab Bristol: "Motion have sent out a public apology following this weekends event, and are currently working to deal with everyone effected who has been in touch."