UBTV music video showcases the university’s extensive range of dance styles

One for each letter of the alphabet

UBTV have released a Bristol dance music video made by students Issy Stafford and Ana Dimitriadis.

The two girls joined dance soc in first year, getting involved in beginners street dance. They were both impressed at the array of styles and variations the society had to offer.

Having been influenced by watching hours worth of dance videos on YouTube over the years, they decided to apply their love of film making and shoot their own video.

The pair took inspiration from  i-D’s ‘The A-Z of Dance’.

Ana told the Tab, ‘we wanted to take advantage of being in such a vibrant and eclectic city, so we wanted to showcase as much of Bristol as possible.’ The video took five months to put together with many weekends being spent scouting in and around Bristol to find the best street art.

‘Had it not been for this video we would have missed out on a lot of what Bristol has to offer. Places that we definitely recommend for street art are St Werburghs – particularly Mina road, Bedminster and obviously Stokes Croft.

Bristol is basically a massive art exhibition.’ After realising the scale of the project, Matt Plumeridge, also a part of UBTV was asked to help out with cinematography and editing.

Once they’d found 26 different locations, they then started to look for dancers. ‘We contacted Fuze and Bristol uni’s numerous dance societies and found 32 incredible dancers who wanted to get involved.’

The video creatively and seamlessly incorporates eclectic styles from the breakdancing b-boy to the Indian Bhangra in synchrony with some old school Missy Elliot.

One of the dancers, Lara Mamawale Nosiru, seen exhibiting the Krump style sadly passed away before the edit was completed. A friend of Lara’s told us, ‘every dancer lucky enough to have known her will remember her so fondly, as krump queen and close friend.’

You can watch UBTV’s A-Z of Bristol Dance video below.