Freshers will have to attend a Sexual Consent, Drugs, and Alcohol Workshop

Triple Trouble

Incoming freshers will be put through a three layered course at the beginning of this year to advise them on how to handle drugs, alcohol and sexual consent.

Bristol university was highlighted as one of a few universities to create a mandatory sexual consent course for freshers last year and now the policy is to continue.

An online sexual consent test was coupled with the course last year as part of fresher induction.

The idea is a good start to finding a fix for an evident problem on all university campuses. although so far their effectiveness is unknown.

The decision by Bristol Uni to throw in drugs and alcohol to the mix, making the workshop a bit of an all-in-one ordeal, is sure to provide more excitement.

Konrad Smart, a fresher set to move into Wills Hall this weekend has said:

“The sexual consent thing is worthwhile, perhaps it is worthy of a workshop on its own. There’s nothing we haven’t heard about drugs and alcohol back at school. It’s almost as if the university are saying drugs and alcohol have something to do with sexual consent, which of course isn’t always the case.”