The family of DJ Derek want him to be legally presumed dead

“If Derek turned up now, well, I would be very surprised”

The family of local hero DJ Derek have started the legal process of getting him presumed dead.

Despite highly publicised campaigns and a thorough police investigation neither his whereabouts nor a body has been discovered since he disappeared on July 11.

Police research into Derek’s travel card data revealed that the 73-year-old had been making many unexplained bus journeys to Thornbury. Unfortunately this was the last useful piece of evidence found and the trail has since gone cold.

His older brother, Gerald Serpell-Morris, has now made an application under the Presumption of Death Act, which will be considered by a judge of the High Court.

If the family succeeds in getting Derek to be legally presumed dead, they will be able to gain power over his bank accounts which have been left untouched for seven months.

Gerald has claimed that succeeding in their legal application will give them closure as well as the ability to deal with administrative issues involving Derek’s pension and the rent of his estate.

His grieving brother has said: “If Derek turned up now, well, I would be very surprised. Derek left a legacy in more ways than one and things have to be tidied up administratively.”