FUZE 2016: Beautiful people raising money for charity

Not just pretty faces

I’m sure you all have your tickets at the ready, but if for some incomprehensible reason you didn’t know, FUZE is back. Now in its 13th year, FUZE is the UK’s largest annual student-run fashion, dance and music event, and its organised entirely by the students of Bristol University. Celebrating the young, beautiful, and talented, on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th February at the Passenger Shed, students are set to put on one of the biggest events in the Bristol social calendar.

Each year the FUZE team come back with another spectacular show, and this year’s ‘Wonderland’ themed event is no exception. Sponsored by top companies such as King of Shaves and PwC, the show is set to show off Bristol’s best, and we even have a Burberry model.

But despite appearances, FUZE isn’t just about the impossibly good-looking student body of UoB. Every penny raised goes to this year’s chosen charity: Ditch the Label.

Ditch the Label is an anti-bullying charity that supports individuals primarily online. 7 out of 10 young people have experienced some form of bullying in the past. Online abuse normally originates from negative attitudes towards those who are different and as a result, this year’s FUZE team have worked to create a more diverse line up than ever before, one that values character and individuality over all other aspects.

Tab fashion got talking to the models about what they know about the charity, how they feel about the important work they do and what this means for FUZE:


“Its called Ditch the Label, and it’s an anti-bullying charity that works to prevent bullying through an online presence. Its unique because the way in which it supports those experiencing bullying is through online forums.”


“I wasn’t here last year but it seems as though this year we have a diverse line up. People from different backgrounds, with different looks and characters, which is great to see. We’re celebrating the ‘different’, which is important.”


“Ditch the Label created a place where people can go and talk and interact in a safe environment. You don’t have to go and physically speak to someone, which can sometimes seem quite daunting. FUZE is a physical platform to raise awareness for a charity that works primarily online.”


“It’s a really great cause, bullying can happen in any type of environment on all different scales and if we can do anything to help or combat that then that’s great.”


“What Sophia and Emma have done here in choosing body shapes and heights and looks that aren’t stereotypically what people would associate with being a model lends itself well to the fact of being proud of who you are. Here, there is no one ubiquitous look, which tends to be quite common in a lot of fashion showcases. What’s good is showing personalities and bodies and celebrating each individual one.”


“People can easily and willingly criticise others on stage because it’s a vulnerable setting, I guess that ties in with being vulnerable online and that Ditch the Label offers up safe chat rooms for those experiencing bullying and its great that FUZE is supporting that.”


“Obviously we get teased for modelling but everyone I know is coming and has paid for a ticket to watch the show so I guess we’re doing our jobs. 100% of the profits go to Ditch the Label so its all good.”

So you get it. Yes, these Bristol students are bonafide fitties, but ultimately they’re strutting their stuff for something much bigger than these boys’ biceps. So if you haven’t got your ticket already, what are you waiting for? To keep you entertained until then, here are some hot pictures of our models.