Exams and deadlines are cancelled cause it’s World Buckfast Day

I am officially on strike

Pubs, clubs and living rooms all around the world are celebrating the iconic Buckfast Tonic Wine today.

Events and promotions for the special day are taking place all over the UK and Ireland, and even the likes of Australia are getting in on the debauchery.

The wine that is so dear to so many (the haters don’t know what they’re missing <3) has had it’s own day of pride for two years now, and is the perfect opportunity for a study break/sesh/A&E trip.


A few places in Northern Ireland commemorating the day include Top of the Town in Omagh, and Betty Blacks in Bangor, with the latter advertising Buckfast slushies.

The wine will also be flowing in Lurgan, where the masterminds behind Buckfast Easter Eggs are reportedly offering 12 bottles of Bucky for £72 – and they say Baby Boomers had it best in life.

The holiday coincides with the final of Eurovision, so when even Graham Norton’s commentary isn’t enough to get you through the god awful performances, have yourself a shameless taste of the fine tonic wine.