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Heavy lifting and mirror selfies: Inside Trevor from Love is Blind’s very gym bro life

Not sure how he had time to hide an entire girlfriend amongst all this x

For better or worse, mullet-man Trevor Soa may just be one of the most iconic Love is Blind contestants in history. He managed to charm not only Chelsea, but all viewers of the beloved Netflix reality series into believing he was a big ol’ softie. Let’s be real, your heart just about broke when he wasn’t chosen! 

However, since the airing of this season, some interesting facts about seemingly innocent Trevor have come to light. Turns out that he actually had a long-term girlfriend throughout the ENTIRE filming of the show, and that they had agreed for him to appear on Love Is Blind as a singleton in order to set them up with micro-influencer fame and however much money you can make from Bloom Nutrition ads. 

Besides being brutally interrogated by Nick Lachey at the reunion, which admittedly had us glued to our screens (thank you Netflix for your lack of OFCOM regulations, Love Island could never), let’s take a look at what Trevor’s been up to since the show: 

He’s a massive gym bro

Regularly sharing posts of him flexing in the gym, it’s clear that Trevor likes to keep fit. His ripped physique is often showcased on his IG, demonstrating his commitment to working out. If only he’d put this much effort into hiding his secret GF. Sometimes accompanied by motivational captions and hashtags like #motivation #investing, we give it a month until these posts start to include a link to his online course (how to deceive millions and be embarrassed on Netflix in 2 weeks!). Gotta get the bag somehow. 

He’s still obsessed with his dogs

Remember that moment when Trevor gifted Chelsea a dog collar in the pods to show her his love for dogs? Well, his passion for furry friends seems only to have grown, with him regularly sharing snaps of the dogs he adopts. Really committed to the big softie thing, huh Trevor? No wonder we all fell for it! Though we reckon Trevor wishes the pics of him on dog walks were taken at Rodeo Drive instead of his home town, connecting with nature with your favourite pet is a close second to becoming a glamorous L.A influencer (right?). 

He’s been in his meme account era

Amongst the posts of gym sessions and dog walks, Trevor seems to be… making his own memes about his time on Love is Blind? After the show aired, he posted an IG reel of Margot Robbie photoshopped into the pods, crying, with the caption “POV: Me sitting in the pods after asking Chelsea to leave”. Though the idea of him sitting and editing this on TikTok is absolutely hilarious, can we agree it reeks a bit of desperation when you have to start making your own memes of yourself to generate hype from the show? I mean, at least Trevor’s made it clear just how much he wants this whole influencer thing, though the tagging of #loveisblind #netflix on every post is giving us major 2015 vibes. 

He’s got a decent following

In the grand scheme of things, Trevor isn’t doing too bad on the follower front. His account currently boasts 265k, and he was posting every day up until the rumours of having a GF while he was on the show started floating about. He’s been mute since then! Most interestingly, his comments are all still enabled, and trust, people have some choice words to say about him. Go Trevor for wanting to be held accountable? Or maybe he just needs the engagement, after all, the IG fame is what it’s all about, right?

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