A rundown of everyone accused of being in a secret relationship during Love Is Blind season six

Umm, how did they all make it through casting?

Love Is Blind season six is getting into full swing now, but instead of focusing on the new couples ahead of their Netflix weddings, what we all can’t stop talking about is how many of the cast members were apparently in a relationship whilst filming for the show!

Yes, loads of the cast members this year have been accused of either ending relationships to go on the show, or having secret girlfriends and boyfriends back home whilst they were taking part in the experiment. Some have called the allegations absolute rubbish, whilst some have tried to wriggle out of what’s been said about them.

Here’s a rundown of every single Love Is Blind season six cast member who has been accused of being in a relationship whilst filming. There really shouldn’t be this many!

Jimmy Presnell


I cant imagine why he feels the need to explore his options when the universe meant for us to he together 💔 #loveisblindseason6 #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind

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Jimmy was forced to comment when a girl went viral saying she was the “secret girlfriend” of someone from the show, and heavy hinted she was talking about him. Someone on TikTok called Ryann Stringfellow posted a video accusing an unnamed contestant of dating her behind the scenes while filming the show. In the comments of the video, people were pointing fingers at Jimmy, and guessed the allegations had been made about him.

“Imagine my fucking surprise when I turn on the new season of Love Is Blind and see my fucking boyfriend,” the video said. “Are you shocked? Because I sure as hell am.” She said she had been told by her boyfriend that he was on a business trip, so he couldn’t talk to her, but now believes he had been filming for the show.

However, Jimmy posted a video response and said it’s definitely not him who she’s on about. “I don’t know this woman, I have never met this woman, it’s not true,” he said.

He added: “I gotta give it to her, it’s an incredible marketing ploy, she is getting so many clicks and is making so much money off my name. She doesn’t say it’s me, but she’s definitely insinuating it’s your boy.” He added the popularity of her video is “bizarre” considering it’s “not true.”

Jeramey Lutinski

Love Is Blind season six cast accused of secret relationship

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Since Love Is Blind season six has aired, a women who was previously in a relationship with Jeramey has said they were engaged and he ended things with her to be on the show. She has claimed she and Jeramey were together in 2022, and he ended their engagement so he could go on the Netflix series. However, Jeramey has said he was “on his own” by the time casting for the show came around.

Commenting under an Instagram post about the show, his ex Brittani said: “Did he ever tell you about his ex fiancé from right before you? Surely not… or the house WE sold a week or two before he filmed for this show?”

A woman claiming to be Brittani’s mother made similar claims on Facebook, and attached a photo of Jeramey with a woman wearing an engagement ring, with a child. “Someone was engaged and living with someone when applying for this,” she claimed. When she shared the picture, someone in the comments asked her where she got it from, and the woman said: “My phone. That’s my daughter and grandson.”

Speaking about the rumours, Jeramey said on Instagram: “Just for some clarity. My previous engagement was not a secret while filming. It was well documented and well known. I was not living with anyone when casting reached out. I was already out on my own.”

Trevor Sova

Oh Trevor, things have got very messy here. A series of alleged texts between him and a girlfriend have been circulating online, and people have been sharing pictures of Trevor with bodybuilder Natalia Marrero. One picture was taken in March 2023, and alleged messages contain Trevor telling the woman “I love you so much honey” and telling her about his time on the show. “No matter what we are not getting married lol,” one message appears to read. 

Natalia has claimed she had just started dating Trevor when casting reached out to him to appear on the show. She has said he agreed to be on the show and stay in a relationship with her. Trevor has not addressed any of the claims against him.

Amber Grant

Amber has also been at the centre of people online accusing her of being in a relationship whilst taking part in Love Is Blind season six. A Reddit thread and TikTok have been made about her, questioning if she was engaged during the show.

The Reddit thread marked the discussion as “speculation” and discussed that Amber is wearing an “engagement ring” in some of her Instagram photos. “It’s possible she filmed the show while seeing someone else,” it claimed.

A TikToker has claimed “Amber had a man the whole time during filming” and even said they received an anonymous email about the rumours. “Amber Grant had a serious boyfriend during filming,” the email alleged. They also claimed Amber left the show early because she had previously agreed this with her boyfriend.

When asked about these rumours on Instagram, Amber said there’s no truth in them at all. “This is false info,” Amber replied to a viewer. “I DID NOT have a bf while filming.” The Tab has reached out to Amber for further comment.

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