All the times a Love Is Blind cast member has quit mid-experiment and what went down

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Over the many seasons it’s now had, a few cast members have decided the Love Is Blind experiment is too much, and have quit in the middle of it. Before finding out if love is truly blind (by now we should know it really isn’t), they walked.

Despite it being reported there’s a $50k fine for anyone who leaves during the show, there have been dramatic walk-outs at the couples’ retreat, and an off-screen exit during season six. So, here’s a reminder of every time a cast member quit Love Is Blind, and what happened when they did.

Shaina and Kyle, season two

When a Love Is Blind cast member has quit the experiment

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Shaina initially had a connection with Shayne Jansen in the season two pods, but then got engaged to Kyle Abrams. Kyle felt like a second choice after Shayne, and Shaina then had Kyle break his eight-year vegetarianism before ditching him at the retreat. They dramatically called the engagement off on the show, with Shaina leaving Kyle in Mexico.

She told Women’s Health that her choice to go wasn’t easy. “I just felt my heart was telling me, ‘Shaina, until your family can see what’s happening, it was best to leave’.” She added: “I felt very lost at that time. And I just knew I needed to go home to get some direction from my family. I think that was the best choice, and I stand by that.”

Aaliyah, season five

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One of the biggest bombshells from season five of Love Is Blind was when cast member Aaliyah Cosby quit the show part-way through the experiment. At the time, this had been the first time someone had left because of drama in the pods.

The drama with Aaliyah involved Uche and Lydia. Aaliyah and Lydia had struck up a friendship whilst living in the women’s quarters for the show, but she later found out her friend had dated Uche, who she was dating in the pods, before the show. Lydia then started talking about her and Uche’s messy history, listing off his red flags and getting into Aaliyah’s head.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Aaliyah explained her exit. She said: “I felt like it was the best decision for me. Considering all the factors and hearing both what Lydia and Uche had to say about everything, I just knew, moving forward, that wasn’t ideally the type of situation I’d want going into an engagement.”

Amber and Matthew, season six

When a Love Is Blind cast member has quit the experiment

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Amber decided to quit Love Is Blind season six, and Matthew quickly followed her. After finding out Amber had walked, Matthew, who she had been dating in the pods, assumed her decision was because of him. He told AD, who he was also dating, that he needed to go after Amber as he “broke someone’s heart on national TV”.

It is believed Amber left the show after chatting to AD, and finding out Matthew had been telling both women the same things. “What I did not tell you is that, like, everything you said to me today, he said to me yesterday,” AD told Amber of her conversations with Matthew. “He asked about my father and asking him to have my hand.”

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